Announcing AltDeep School of AI

Plus, see webinar recording for Causal Modeling in Machine Learning

Yesterday, I’ve finally pulled the trigger on AltDeep School of AI!

AltDeep School of AI will feature a set of courses devoted to

  • Best practices for programming, engineering, productionizing, and DevOps for AI products.

  • Mental models for making money with AI.

I’ll dive into my thoughts on these things later. The gist is that some folks are good at research, others are good at AI hype and getting aqui-hired. But most people suck at these best practices and mental models. So I am building courses that address how to get them right.

Recording of Causal Modeling in AI webinar up for another day

I’m starting off with two courses on causal modeling in machine learning. I gave a high level overview of the topic in a webinar I ran yesterday and posted the recording. The recording is scheduled to come down tomorrow (because I hate having things perpetually lingering on the Internet).


This is my first time doing online course stuff — would love, love, love your and your colleagues’ feedback.

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