Towards a Crypto "Rundle"

Day 5: 30 Days of Crypto-modeling

This post wraps up the theme of NFTs and the 1000 True Fans Model.

Professor and podcaster Scott Galloway coined the term "rundle," referring to the business model of recurring revenue through subscription products that bundle multiple products and services. He points out that the rundles are behind the success of top tech brands' high market cap. For example, Amazon Prime is a rundle, it is a subscription that bundled fast shipping with a host of things you didn’t think you wanted until you had them.

NFTs could enable a 1000 True Fans Rundle.

Consider that sex workers are adopting NFTs the way they adopted Onlyfan's subscription model. If the past is any indication, sex workers predict trends in the behavior of creators of less stigmatized content.

subscription box service is a subscription service that periodically delivers physical products. Notable examples include the Wall Street Journal's wine box WSJWine and fashion box company Stitchfix. Cratejoy is a platform that enables creators to make and distribute their own subscription boxes.  

Niftybox is offering a subscription box model for NFTs. I think it misses the mark because it seems to be hype-driven by targeting people interested in trading NFTs. A model that would be sustainable post-bubble would be using NFTs to create a digital version of Cratejoy. That would give creators the ability to connect the benefits of recurrent revenue from subscriptions and the granular pricing tiers of NFTs.