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I'm a bit late to the conversation. I am certainly not into prestige or wealth as the goal, but on attaining a full understanding of the problem and driving to efficient and effective solutions. That is why I share an interest in causal inference; understanding what is driving results is the only means of truly solving problems. Solving problems is all about intervention. Evaluating one's actions is all about counterfactuals.

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This quote from Johannes Kepler, the first person to mathematically understand the motions of the planets -- and perhaps the first Data Scientist -- inspires the hell out of me:

“The roads by which men arrive at their insights into celestial matters seem to me almost as worthy of wonder as those matters in themselves.”

To me, those "roads" are the mathematical methods of data science.

Exploring those roads is all I want to do. We are what we are.

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For the record, this makes data science/machine learning people exactly like everyone else in life.

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