Friday Thread: What is GPT-3 Good For?

OpenAI came out with pricing tiers for its new API for GPT-3.

I engineer NLP apps for a living. I’ve played around with using GPT-2 in some of the products I work on (BERT worked better). I honestly have trouble imaging applications of this tech. I can generate text, but how can I generate text that matters?

One idea I have is marketing emails. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably received some of mine. In digital marketing, there are many best practices. Phrase your subject line like this. Use an odd number of bullets on your landing page instead of even. Use certain keywords in your text to improve your Google juice. That sounds like something that could be plucked out of statistical patterns learned from the massive set of Internet documents GPT-3 was trained on.

Maybe GPT-3 can help me with more hacky writing, allowing me to focus on more meaningful writing work like this newsletter and course content.

What useful apps do you think developers could build on GPT-3?

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EDIT: Had some interesting feedback on Twitter.