Evaluating ChatGPT on a hard and useful task.

December 2022

Evaluating ChatGPT on a hard and useful task.

November 2022

What is causal AI (Part 2)

October 2022

Key motivations for learning causal AI

August 2022

Available on early access, 40% off code valid until end-of-month

June 2022

An ICML workshop focused on paths towards universal reasoning systems

April 2022

Or, how to avoid Nazi takeovers and other threats with reverse reasoning

December 2021

Rotation invariant Christmas trees are trending this year.

October 2021

Plus a paradox and an internship opportunity.

September 2021

From Chinese A-bombs to exploding AI pay scales.
Reverse engineering causal reasoning in humans

August 2021

A rough Internet guide to interventions in causal models.