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Invariance means looking through a smaller haystack.

The Machine Learning Trade-Off that Most People Miss.

Inductive bias and why overfitting a 1/2 trillion words looks sexy.

Falsification by Imagination

Grey swans, and what a bit of linguistics can teach you about machine learning

Falsifiability Helps Me Focus

Trump Infection and Prediction Markets

I feel pain, therefore I am.

How poker and a spaceship imposter game make you better at life.

Missionary vs Mercenary

Friday Thread: What is GPT-3 Good For?

Friday Thread: What are you reading?

How Stranger Things can make you smarter about OpenAI's GPT-3 language model

Friday Thread: Does your degree make you a good decision-maker?

Friday Thread: How comic books give insight into deep learning.

How a riddle proves there's no "objective" predictive model.

Friday Thread (Beta): What is Inductive Bias?

Trump shows how NOT to lie with statistics

But bro, ever hear of *Bayes* Occam's Razor?

When does AI scalability matter?

Quantum Bayesianism

Two things you might have missed in last weeks AI-bias kerfuffle

Deep Phrenology

What does "Arrival" have to do with learning NLP?

"Do I need a degree to do ML?" Umm...

Productized services as a model for machine learning startups

AI and America’s Racial "One Country, Two Systems" Policy

Modeling of fat-tailed COVID-19 is folly

AI startups for the rest of us?

Why most AI startups should avoid VC

Kahneman, why do data scientists suck at COVID-19?

My sister has COVID-19 but she's not being counted

Monkey Whisperers

Symbolic AI ♥ Software Engineers

Hey VCs: Not all problems require deep learning

Games and Simulations as Models

Corona confession: Why aren't I worried? (I should be).

Deep state, SJWs, discrimination, and reinforcement learning

Announcing AltDeep School of AI

The myth of objective data in the AI fairness debate

Webinar: Causal Machine Learning Blitz